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1. A Location Aided Flooding Mechanism In Community Based IoT Networks IOT Download
2. An IoT Based Fire Alarming And Authentication System For Workhouse IOT Download
3. Autonomic Smart Sensor Interface For Industrial And Home In IoT Environment IOT Download
4. Society Data And Evaluation Comparative Policy Evaluation IOT Download
5. Field Monitoring And Automation Using IoT In Agriculture IOT Download
6. Guide To Senior Safety At Smart Homes IOT Download
7. Innovative And Advanced Technology For Home Controlling IOT Download
8. Intelligent Safety Transport Framework For Schools IOT Download
9. Micro Location For Internet Of Things Equipped Smart Buildings IOT Download
10. Mobilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems IOT Download
11. RTOS Smart Meter Smart Grid And Smart Energy System IOT Download
12. Satellite Technology For Advanced Railway Signaling IOT Download
13. Super Cash Registers With Integrated GPRS Terminal IOT Download
14. The Role Of Sensors In IoT Medical And Healthcare Applications IOT Download



15. War Field Spying Robot Based On Android MILITARY Download
16. Android Mobile Controlled Door Security Locking System SMART SECURITY Download
17. Configuration Of Smart Environments AUTOMATION Download
18. Data Dissemination In Vehicular Cloud Systems Using Pre Fetching AUTOMATION Download
19. Enhanced Fingerprinting And Trajectory Prediction For IoT Localization In Smart Buildings BIOMETRIC SECURITY Download
20. Home Based Health Monitoring System Using Android BIO-MEDICAL Download
21. Library Access System By Smartphone Application Using Android SECURED ACCESS Download
22. Location Based Services For The Blind Support NAVIGATION Download
23. Modern E-Menu Card Based System For Classical Restaurant MARKETING Download
24. Real Time Multi Patient Monitoring System Using Arm BIO-MEDICAL Download
25. Using Bluetooth Enabled Devices As The Key SMART ACCESS Download
26. Vital Signs Monitoring And Management Using Mobile Devices SMART VOICE Download



27. Bank Locker Security System Using Multi Biometrics Fusion BIOMETRIC Download
28. Biometric Design Of Highly Secured Automatic Teller Machine BIOMETRIC SECURITY Download
29. Biometric Feedback Collection System In Colleagues DATA SECURITY Download
30. Real Time Biometrics Based Vehicle Security System SECURITY Download
31. Smart Attendance Monitoring And Auto Paging System BIOMETRIC Download
32. Finger Print Based Vehicle Immobilizer SECURITY Download
33. Dual Security Access Banking System Based On Finger Print And Keypad Password SECURITY ACCESS Download



34. An Enhanced Fall Detection System For Elderly Person BIO-MEDIC Download
35. Baby care Alert System For Child Left In A Parked Vehicle EMBEDDED Download
36. Dash Board Monitoring And Drowsiness Detection Of Driver EMBEDDED Download
37. Embedded System Based College Bus Tracking For Students REAL TIME Download
38. Global System Based Device Controlling AUTOMATION Download
39. Hiding Security System For Alone Women's SECURITY Download
40. Highly Secured System For Exam Paper Wallets DATA SECURITY Download
41. Intelligent Mailbox System with Delivery Notification COMMUNICATION Download
42. Intelligent System For Air Pollution Finding In Vehicles AUTOMOTIVE Download
43. Patient Health Monitoring And Tracking System BIO-MEDICAL Download
44. Patient Centered Appointment Scheduling Using Agent System BOOKING Download
45. Vehicle Security System For Defending Against Collaborative Attack By Malware VEHICULAR Download
46. Two Factor Authentication For High Security ATM Users LOGIN SECURITY Download
47. IBus Tracking System Based on Location Aware Services NAVIGATION Download
48. Automated Parking Lot For Autonomous Vehicles BOOKING Download
49. Embedded Based School Children Safety REAL TIME Download
50. Hap Tic Devices Integrating For Customer Electronic Devices MAN MACHINE Download
51. Optimized Design Of Student Attendance DATA STORAGE Download
52. Retail Trade Area Analysis Concepts And New Approaches MAN MACHINE Download
53. Secure Child Tracking An Monitoring Activities By Android SURVEILLANCE Download
54. Smart Traffic Control For Emergency Vehicle Clearance TRANSPORT Download
55. Vehicle Emission Monitoring And Tracking Management TRANSPORT Download
56. An Advanced Security System Integrated Toll Collection MANCHINE VISION Download
57. Wrong Driving Identity With Intelligence EChallan Proof MANCHINE VISION Download
58. Smart Shopping Cart In Malls FINANCIAL Download
59. Modern Pantry System In Theaters MARKETING Download



60. Energy Efficient Data Collection In Wireless Sensor Networks WSN DATA STORAGE Download
61. Home Automation System Through Wireless Sensor Network WSN AUTOMATION Download
62. Home Electricity Consumption Monitoring Enhancement Using Smart Device Status Information DATA USAGE Download
63. Integrated Mine Safety Monitoring And Alerting System SURVEILLANCE Download
64. Localization Of Health Center Assets Through An IoT DATA STORAGE Download
65. Smart Helmet & Intelligent Bike System Using RF Technology SMART SECURITY Download
66. Smart Traffic Control System For Emergency Vehicle Clearance TRANSPORTATION Download
67. Traffic Signal Phase And Timing Estimation From Low Frequency Transit Bus Data SECURITY Download
68. Biomedical Parameter Monitoring System DATA STORAGE Download
69. Zigbee Based Portable Roadside Sensors For Vehicle Counting, Classification And Speed Measurement DATA STORAGE Download
70. Zigbee Based Smart Street Light Controlling System COMPUTER VISION Download
71. Zigbee Network System For Observing Operating Activities Of Work Vehicles COMPUTER VISION Download
72. Real Time Building Zone Occupancy Detection And Activity Visualization REAL TIME Download



73. A Sensorized Companion Robot for Elderly Care and Home Control SMART ROBOT Download
74. Human Detection in Disaster Zones Using Manually Controlled Robots RESCUE BOT Download
75. Indoor Robot Localization System Using Wi-Fi HUMANOID Download
76. Multipurpose Robot for Patients and Military applications SMART BOT Download
77. Partial Automation Of Coal Stocking Process Into Furnace STOCK MOVER Download
78. Robotic Ambulance for Emergency FIRST-AID BOT Download
79. Smart Host Microcontroller For Optimal Battery Usage ENERGY STORAGE Download
80. Military Surveillance Car GOBAL ROBOT Download



81. An Advanced Wireless Assistant System For Dumb And Illiterates By Using Touch Screen & Zigbee COMMUNICATION Download
82. An Efficient Car Driving Controller System Design For Physically Challenged People Using Arm Processor HANDICAPPED Download
83. Controlling Home Appliances Using Head Movement And Voice Enabled Alerts MOVEMENT Download
84. RFID Based Travel Assistant And Voice Alert System For The Blind Peoples NAVIGATION Download
85. Voice Based Portable Programmable Medication Reminder SMART SYSTEM Download
86. A Design Of A Hand Talk System By Using MEMs SMART VOICE Download
87. WSN Based Industrial Parameter Monitoring System With Voice Announcement INDUSTRIAL Download
88. Voice Based Heartbeat Monitoring And Alerting System For Elder People BIO-MEDICAL Download
89. Sensor Based Accident Avoidance System In Vehicles AUTOMOTIVE Download
90. Intelligent Helmet System SMART DEVICE Download



91. A Smart Anti-theft System for Vehicle Security AUTOMOTIVE Download
92. Adaptive Traffic Lights Using Car to Car Communication ROADWAYS Download
93. An open speaker recognition enabled identification and authentication system MATLAB Download
94. Driver Gaze Tracking And Eyes Off The Road Detection System MATLAB Download
95. Home Security System and Door Access Control Based on Face Recognition MATLAB Download
96. Image Processing for Fruit Shape and Texture Feature MATLAB Download
97. Portable Camera Based Product Label Reading For Blind People MATLAB Download
98. Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Speech Recognition MATLAB Download
99. Voice Controlled Home Automation System MATLAB Download



100. Anti Theft ATM Machine Using Vibration Detection Sensor SECURITY Download
101. Auto Metro Train To Shuttle Between Stations METRO Download
102. Automatic Car Parking Slot Indicator System DASHBOARD Download
103. Automatic Drunken Driven Detecting System SMART SYSTEM Download
104. Automatic Monthly Energy Meter Billing Over GSM To Users HOUSEHOLD Download
105. Design And Implementation Of Automated Blood Bank INFORMATION Download
106. Electronic Auto Information Query System In Educational Institutions INFORMATION Download
107. Implementation Of Aadhaar Card Based EVM Machine PUBLIC USAGE Download
108. Portable Programmable Medication Reminder ALARM SYSTEM Download
109. Portable Roadside Sensors For Vehicle Counting Classification & Speed Measurement INTELLIGENT SYSTEM Download
110. Railway Track Pedestrian Crossing Without Using Staircase SMART CROSSING Download
111. Robust Railway Crack Detection System ALERT SYSTEM Download
112. Autonomous Recognition Of Left Behind Passengers In Parked Vehicles ALERT SYSTEM Download
113. Ultrasonic Sensor Based Parking Guidance System INFORMATION Download
114. Vehicle Movement Based Street Light Control System TRANSPORTATION Download
115. A Smart Meter Design And Implementation Using Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network In Smart Grid HOME AUTOMATION Download
116. Intelligent Pillbox Automatic And Programmable Assistive Technology Device REAL-TIME Download
117. Secure IoT Platform For Industrial Control Systems AUTOMATION Download
118. Modern Electronic Eye Dial Up SMART SECURITY Download