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1. Efficient Protection of the Register File in Soft-processors Implemented on Xilinx FPGAs XILINX Download
2. FIR Filter Realization via Deferred End-Around Carry Modular Addition XILINX Download
3. Low-Complexity VLSI Design of Large Integer Multipliers for Fully Holomorphic Encryption XILINX Download
4. Advanced Compressor Tree Synthesis for FPGAs XILINX Download
5. Approximate DCT Image Compression using Inexact Computing XILINX Download
6. Compact CA-Based Single Byte Error Correcting Codec XILINX Download
7. DuCNoC: A High-Throughput FPGA-based NoC simulator using Dual-Clock Lightweight Router Micro-Architecture XILINX Download
8. A Single and Adjacent Error Correction Code for Fast Decoding of Critical Bits XILINX Download
9. FIR Filter Realization via Deferred End-Around Carry Modular Addition XILINX Download
10. VLSI Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable 46-Mode Combined-Radix-Based FFT Hardware Architecture for 3GPP-LTE Applications XILINX Download
11. Vector Processing-Aware Advanced Clock-Gating Techniques for Low-Power Fused Multiply-Add XILINX Download
12. Bit stream Fault Injections (BiFI)– Automated Fault Attacks against SRAM-based FPGAs XILINX Download
13. An Efficient Fault-Tolerance Design for Integer Parallel Matrix–Vector Multiplications XILINX Download
14. Approximate Hybrid High Radix Encoding for Energy-Efficient Inexact Multipliers XILINX Download
15. Detection and diagnosis of single faults in quantum circuits XILINX Download
16. Randomized Mixed-Radix Scalar Multiplication XILINX Download
17. VLSI Design of SVM-Based Seizure Detection System With On-Chip Learning Capability XILINX Download
18. YodaNN1: An Architecture for Ultra-Low Power Binary-Weight CNN Acceleration XILINX Download
19. A Scheme to Design Concurrent Error Detection Techniques for the Fast Fourier Transform Implemented in SRAM-based FPGAs XILINX Download
20. Optimizing the Convolution Operation to Accelerate Deep Neural Networks on FPGA XILINX Download
21. GliFreD: Glitch-Free Duplication Towards Power-Equalized Circuits on FPGAs XILINX Download
22. Solving Large Problem Sizes of Index-Digit Algorithms on GPU: FFT and Tridiagonal System Solvers XILINX Download
23. Unbiased Rounding for HUB Floating-point Addition XILINX Download
24. Accelerating FV Homomorphic scheme in FPGA with Karatsuba algorithm XILINX Download
25. FFT-based McLaughlin's Montgomery Exponentiation without Conditional Selections XILINX Download
26. A Multiplexer-Based Arbiter PUF Composition with Enhanced Reliability and Security XILINX Download
27. STABLE: Stress-aware Boolean Matching to Mitigate BTI-induced SNM Reduction in SRAM-based FPGAs XILINX Download
28. Approximate Sum-of-Products Designs Based on Distributed Arithmetic XILINX Download
29. High-Performance Architecture Using Fast Dynamic Reconfigurable Accelerators XILINX Download
30. Low-Power and Fast Full Adder by Exploring New XOR and XNOR Gates XILINX Download
31. Systematic Design of an Approximate Adder: The Optimized Lower Part Constant-OR Adder XILINX Download
32. A Simple Yet Efficient Accuracy-Configurable Adder Design XILINX Download
33. Optimal Single Constant Multiplication Using Ternary Adders XILINX Download
34. RAP-CLA: A Reconfigurable Approximate Carry Look-Ahead Adder XILINX Download
35. Decimal Full Adders Specially Designed for Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata XILINX Download
36. A Low-Error Energy-Efficient Fixed-Width Booth Multiplier With Sign-Digit-Based Conditional Probability Estimation XILINX Download
37. Design of Area-Efficient and Highly Reliable RHBD I0T Memory Cell for Aerospace Applications TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
38. A Time-Efficient CMOS-Memristive Programmable Circuit Realizing Logic Functions in Generalized AND–XOR Structures TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
39. Multilevel Half-Rate Phase Detector for Clock and Data Recovery Circuits TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
40. Input Offset Estimation of CMOS Integrated Circuits in Weak Inversion TANNER/ MICROWIND Download


41. An Approach to LUT Based Multiplier for Short Word Length DSP Systems XILINX Download
42. FPGA Implementation of an Improved Watchdog Timer for Safety-critical Applications XILINX Download
43. EEG Signal Denoising based on Wavelet Transform using Xilinx System Generator. XILINX Download
44. Tap Delay-and-Accumulate Cost Aware Coefficient Synthesis Algorithm for the Design of Area-Power Efficient FIR Filters. XILINX Download
45. Area and Power Efficient VLSI Architecture of Distributed Arithmetic Based LMS Adaptive Filter XILINX Download
46. VLSI Design Of Low-Cost And High-Precision Fixed-Point Reconfigurable FFT Processors XILINX Download
47. A Low-Power High-Speed Accuracy-Controllable Approximate Multiplier Design XILINX Download
48. Chip Design for Turbo Encoder Module for In-Vehicle System XILINX Download
49. Low-power Implementation of Mitchell's Approximate Logarithmic Multiplication for Convolutional Neural Networks XILINX Download
50. Novel High speed Vedic Multiplier proposal incorporating Adder based on Quaternary Signed Digit number system XILINX Download
51. The Design and Implementation of Multi – Precision Floating Point Arithmetic Unit Based on FPGA XILINX Download
52. An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Convolution Based DWT Using MAC XILINX Download
53. Extending 3-bit Burst Error-Correction Codes With Quadruple Adjacent Error Correction XILINX Download
54. A Low-Power Yet High-Speed Configurable Adder for Approximate Computing XILINX Download
55. Efficient Modular Adders based on Reversible Circuits XILINX Download
56. Binary To Gray Code Converter Implementation Using QCA XILINX Download
57. Power Efficient Approximate Multipliers in LMS Adaptive Filters XILINX Download
58. MAES: Modified Advanced Encryption Standard for Resource Constraint Environments XILINX Download
59. A Novel Design of Flip-Flop Circuits using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA) XILINX Download
60. High Performance Division Circuit using Reversible Logic Gates XILINX Download
61. A Novel Five-input Multiple-function QCA Threshold Gate TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
62. A Low-Power High-Speed Comparator for Precise Applications TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
63. A High Performance Gated Voltage Level Translator with Integrated Multiplexer TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
64. High speed and low power preset-able modified TSPC D flip-flop design and performance comparison with TSPC D flip-flop TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
65. Low Leakage Fully Half-Select-Free Robust SRAM Cells with BTI Reliability Analysis TANNER/ MICROWIND Download


66. A Bit-Plane Decomposition Matrix-Based VLSI Integer Transform Architecture for HEVC XILINX Download
67. Probability-Driven Multibit Flip-Flop Integration With Clock Gating XILINX Download
68. Area-Time Efficient Architecture of FFT-Based Montgomery Multiplication XILINX Download
69. Reliable Low-Latency Viterbi Algorithm Architectures Benchmarked on ASIC and FPGA XILINX Download
70. Improved 64-bit Radix-16 Booth Multiplier Based on Partial Product Array Height Reduction XILINX Download
71. A Structured Visual Approach to GALS Modeling and Verification of Communication Circuits XILINX Download
72. Weighted Partitioning for Fast Multiplierless Multiple-Constant Convolution Circuit XILINX Download
73. Low-Latency, Low-Area, and Scalable Systolic-Like Modular Multipliers for GF(2m) Based on Irreducible All-One Polynomials XILINX Download
74. Probabilistic Error Modeling for Approximate Adders XILINX Download
75. LFSR-Based Generation of Multicycle Tests XILINX Download
76. Clock-Gating of Streaming Applications for Energy Efficient Implementations on FPGAs XILINX Download
77. An Improved DCM-Based Tunable True Random Number Generator for Xilinx FPGA XILINX Download
78. RoBA Multiplier: A Rounding-Based Approximate Multiplier for High-Speed yet Energy-Efficient Digital Signal Processing XILINX Download
79. DLAU: A Scalable Deep Learning Accelerator Unit on FPGA XILINX Download
80. A 4096-Point Radix-4 Memory-Based FFT Using DSP Slices XILINX Download
81. Design of Efficient Multiplierless Modified Cosine-Based Comb Decimation Filters: Analysis and Implementation XILINX Download
82. Efficient Hardware Implementation of Probabilistic Gradient Descent Bit-Flipping XILINX Download
83. Design of Efficient BCD Adders in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata XILINX Download
84. Overloaded CDMA Crossbar for Network-On-Chip XILINX Download
85. High-Throughput and Energy-Efficient Belief Propagation Polar Code Decoder XILINX Download
86. Design of Power and Area Efficient Approximate Multipliers XILINX Download
87. An Efficient O(N) Comparison-Free Sorting Algorithm XILINX Download
88. Energy-Efficient VLSI Realization of Binary64 Division With Redundant Number Systems XILINX Download
89. A General Digit-Serial Architecture for Montgomery Modular Multiplication XILINX Download
90. High-Speed Parallel LFSR Architectures Based on Improved State-Space Transformations XILINX Download
91. Scalable Approach for Power Droop Reduction During Scan-Based Logic BIST XILINX Download
92. Sign-Magnitude Encoding for Efficient VLSI Realization of Decimal Multiplication XILINX Download
93. A Memory-Based FFT Processor Design With Generalized Efficient Conflict-Free Address Schemes. XILINX Download
94. On the VLSI Energy Complexity of LDPC Decoder Circuits XILINX Download
95. Reconfigurable Constant Multiplication for FPGAs XILINX Download
96. LLR-Based Successive-Cancellation List Decoder for Polar Codes With Multibit Decision XILINX Download
97. Area-Efficient Architecture for Dual-Mode Double Precision Floating Point Division XILINX Download
98. Digit-Level Serial-In Parallel-Out Multiplier Using Redundant Representation for a Class of Finite Fields. XILINX Download
99. Dual-Quality 4: 2 Compressors for Utilizing in Dynamic Accuracy Configurable Multipliers TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
100. Low-Power Design for a Digit-Serial Polynomial Basis Finite Field Multiplier Using Factoring Technique TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
101. Design of Low-Power High-Performance 2-4 and 4-16 Mixed-Logic Line Decoders. TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
102. Register-Less NULL Convention Logic. TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
103. Design of Defect and Fault-Tolerant Nonvolatile Spintronic Flip-Flops TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
104. Delay Analysis for Current Mode Threshold Logic Gate Designs TANNER/ MICROWIND Download
105. 10T SRAM Using Half-VDD Precharge and Row-Wise Dynamically Powered Read Port for Low Switching Power and Ultralow RBL Leakage TANNER/ MICROWIND Download